Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Mount Jackson, Virginia
Reverend Matthew A. Diehl, Pastor

Nurse's Notes - 2017

Spring is here and I have been reading a lotabout gardening and growing vegetablesorganically. Obviously, these monthlymessages are not about gardening. I don'tknow much about that. However, I did readsomething regarding a question I have hadabout the proper washing of fresh fruits andvegetables. Actually, the answer came inone of my monthly nursing magazines.Store-bought produce is loaded with petro-chemical pesticides that build up in the human body.These chemicals are being blamed for many illnesses, including autism in children to cancer atall ages. A major study by the New York State Department of Health directly links pesticides todiabetes, now known to be one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the U.S.It sounds to me that fruits, vegetables, and flowers are best grown the 'old fashioned way:without illness-producing chemicals.Back to my question on the best way to wash fresh vegetables before using. I have alwaysrinsed them thoroughly with cold water and considered them healthy. However, according tomy source, you should first wash fresh produce in warm water, then spray with a mixture of onepart white vinegar to one part water. This helps dissolve the pesticide residue. Let the producesit for thirty minutes, then wash again with cold water. Use or store as you normally would.

The Lord bless you and keep you.Numbers 6:24

Gloria L. Chambers, RN, FCN Parish Nurse