Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Mount Jackson, Virginia
Reverend Matthew A. Diehl, Pastor

The ELCA has recognized Mount Calvary for its generosity in mission support giving. During the past year, this congregation has supported the following organizations and ministries outside of ourselves. Please click on the web sites (where available) for more information on these important organizations.

In addition, MCLC has/is participating in the following projects:

  • Lutheran World Relief's Baskets of Promise. Members bring bath towels (max. 52"x27"), nail clippers, tootbrushes (single, adult size in original package), on designated Sundays.
  • Operation Chirstimas Child. Shoeboxes are packed for both boys and girls, ages 2 to 14. Items donated include t-shirts, socks, school supplies such as pencils, small toys, and candy.


The Shenandoah Valley Lutheran Ministries’ Backpack Project provides Shenandoah County elementary school children from low-income families nutritious meals for their weekends ~ their time away from the school lunch program. A table in the narthex will collect your donations of any of the following (packaged in individual serving sizes):

▪ V8© juices or 100% orange juice

▪ fruit cups/canned fruit/Fruit Roll-Ups©

▪ oatmeal and/or cereal (individually packaged boxes)

▪ SpaghettiOs© or ravioli

▪ tuna kits

▪ canned vegetables

▪ macaroni & cheese singles

▪ canned chili

▪ peanut butter

▪ microwave popcorn

▪ crackers and/or pretzels

▪ pudding

▪ Teddy Grahams©/animal crackers/Goldfish©

▪ granola bars and/or breakfast bars

▪ chicken and/or vegetable soup

▪ water

▪ applesauce

A blue flyer providing complete information on how you can help is available on the narthex table.

Our congregation also supports a quilt ministry.