Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Mount Jackson, Virginia
Reverend Matthew A. Diehl, Pastor

Prayer List

In our prayers for healing, let us remember our members:

♥ Eleanor Funkhouser ♥ Frances Gerow ♥ Frances Hines 
 Jeanette Jones ♥ Bill Lloyd ♥ Stephanie Melbourne
♥ Emma Smith ♥ Sue Sigler ♥ Geraldine Whetzel ♥ Mickey Williams ♥ Reba Thompson ♥ Jim Miller 

and our family and friends:

♥ William Ballance, former pastor of Mount Calvary ♥ Lauren
Barnett, daughter of Tammy Barnett ♥ Lorenzo Bean, husband
of Dorothy Bean ♥ Bob Blackburn, brother-in-law of Anita Miller ♥ John Blosser,
uncle of Randy Richards ♥ Victoria Bohus, friend of Bucky Miller ♥ Ken Chambers,
son of Terry and Gloria Chambers ♥ Phyllis Clark, sister of Walter Marston ♥ Alice
Coffelt, friend of Reba Thompson ♥ Christopher Diehl, cousin of Pastor Dieh ♥ Mary
Beth Foltz, sister-in-law of G.B. and Susan Foltz ♥ Margie Frye, sister-in-law of
Margaret, Tommy, and Charlie Frye ♥ Carol Griffin, sister-in-law of Jill Griffin ♥ Mike
Grim, son of Dorothy Bean ♥ Larry Heltebran, step-father of Steve Povlish ♥ Daryl
Kingree, nephew of Donnie Pifer ♥ Dick Krol, friend of Kay Whetzel ♥ Shirley Leake,
friend of Micke y Williams ♥ Matt Long, father of Stella Long ♥ Barbara McDonald,
aunt of Lisa McDonald Miller ♥ Johnny McDonald, brother of Lisa McDonald Miller
♥ Spencer McIntosh, father of Noel Frye ♥ Shirley McWilliams, niece of Frances Gerow
♥ Donna Painter, friend of the G.B. Foltz family ♥ Kathy Rinard, Rebecca Diehl’s
music teacher ♥ Linda Ryman, sister of Paul Ryman ♥ Wilson Ryman, friend of G.B.
and Susan Foltz ♥ Ann Thompson Shirkey, friend of G.B. and Susan Foltz ♥ Neil
Showalter, friend of Donnie Pifer ♥ Charlie Stephens, father of Regina Clements
♥ Ryan Tomoff, friend of Susan Foltz ♥ Dawn Whitecotton, sister of Pastor Diehl
♥ Naomi Wine, friend of Mickey Williams ♥ Nancy Zirkle, friend of Jane Grant Burner